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Boost sales 30% and more by implementing VoIP and amoCRM

  • Implementation within 1 month
  • We work online
  • We train your staff

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Do you recognize yourself?

Your client database is in Excel.

You do not know sales numbers and averages for the past month.

During your customer phone calls you cannot display name and history of relations.

You do not know conversion rates of your sales managers.

Your managers do not input inquiries with customers into a system.

Click here to get full checklist and find out where your clients were lost.

You have a sales department, you get some leads, and your managers have a client database in notepad, Excel or Bitrix.

Maybe, you have already installed and set up amoCRM, but you have not seen results.

You know that your sales department can work several times more efficiently.

sales department

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During a 40-minute Skype-conference we will determine all growth points of your sales department.

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We only use IT-solutions which will give you
an immediate return on investment (ROI).

Just a couple of deals saved by your CRM-system can pay off
all the expenses for its implementation.

We can set up VoIP and integrate the following business tools into your amoCRM:











Callback service

Callback service

1С and auto-print

1С and auto-print



Call tracking and similar systems

Call tracking and similar systems

9 out of 10 CRM-systems survive if they are implemented by professionals.

Our expert team works on each project, within one month they will:

  • systematize all your databases
  • upload them in CRM
  • divide deals into stages
  • fill in ‘contacts’ field boxes
  • optimize sales department working processes
  • train your staff

The whole Scrum-project consists of 105 tasks. All of our processes are clear. During the implementation you will be able to follow the progress and get acquainted with the methodology of project management.

In the course of the month after the implementation we will test and undergo weekly maintenance checks.

The average sales manager makes 30 phone calls per day.
A system-equipped manager makes around
100 calls per day.

Advantages of CRM-system implementation:

  • Staff performance monitoring
  • All information is stored in one place
  • Clear picture of sales
  • Business statistics tracking
  • Company management from any part of the world from any gadget connected to the internet
Advantages of CRM-system implementation

12% more customers
will reach you if you set up your VoIP.

Advantages of VoIP implementation

  • All calls into CRM are fixed in customer data sheet.
  • Excellent capacity and multiple channels of the call-center.
  • Missed call tracking.
  • Call forwarding on staff cell phones outside office hours.
  • Voice greeting.
  • Manager performance can be verified while listening to the recordings of the phone calls.

We integrate Asterisk based IP-telephony into amoCRM with full capacity

Together with the developers of these two systems we created unique scripts, and now you don’t have to pay for VoIP every month.

Extra services

  • Voip setup
  • Mikrotik setup
  • b2bfamily setup
  • PC monitoring systems
  • Lead generation launch
  • Mailout setup
  • Anti-hacking security
  • Project management integration


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Our team

Dmitriy Panchenko

Project manager. More than 10 years in IT. He has an intimate knowledge of CRM-systems, IP-telephony, servers, 1С, SQL, Mikrotik, Linux and more. He can guarantee work completion meeting deadlines and without increasing the original budget.

Dmitriy Panchenko - Project manager

Michail Galeychenko

Management automation expert №1 in Russia. Business-trainer. The owner of several IT-companies. He participates personally in every project at the level of project management consulting. He can help to improve your sales numbers and marketing.

Michail Galeychenko - Management automation expert №1 in Russia

Olga Vasilenko

Project manager. She can help you to organize your documents, client databases, model contracts samples, check out current deals. She can upload letters and presentation samples.

Olga Vasilenko - Project manager

Sergey Tishin

Asterisk based VoIP expert. He will remotely deploy a server, set up phones, upload voice greetings, IVR menu, missed calls notifications by email, call transfer on no reply and more.

Sergey Tishin - Asterisk based VoIP expert

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